TBK's First Auction Opens Hot



The little friends who came to the dining hall at noon should have seen a good show, and so did the little editor. Looking back at this moment, the mood is still trembling. That is called excitement, that is called excitement, that is called fun. Even regret not to sign up, to experience a. If there are still small partners who want to ask Xiao Bian, what is the drama and what is the matter?! Then you are out. Today at noon TBK people in the dining hall to do things, didn't you hear? The day before the notice said the auction at 12:20 noon officially started in the dining hall, did not expect the first auction in such a stunning posture, the scene of 33 people involved in the auction, bidding fierce, see the crowd from time to time a scream or bursts of applause, the scene of the battle comparable to the international large-scale auction, TBK people are really too good to play.
The auction notice was issued the day before in the afternoon. On the morning of the same day, many colleagues received their bidding intentions. To the surprise of the staff, 33 people signed up for bidding on 4 motorcycles, which meant that more than 8 people grabbed a car. Therefore, it is conceivable that some bidders thought that 10 yuan was going up too slowly at one time and went up by 100,200 directly. Finally, four lucky bidders led home. Let's use the photos taken by the photographer to show you the warmth of the scene.
The 33 bidders were waiting for the host to announce the opening with their number plates in hand, each eager to try.
The auction began, and the expressions of the onlookers lit up. The atmosphere was no less than that of the international auction.
The little brother was very persistent, and finally he was robbed of his car and became "destined to be a man without a motorcycle" (covering his face, the little brother said by himself on WeChat, don't hit me)
Although the number plate of the auction is a bit crude, it does not affect our entertainment.
The first motorcycle was sold by the eldest brother at a high price of 460 yuan, and there was applause at the scene.
The host introduced the auction vehicles
Look at the elder sister's expression, it should be a victory.
The third bicycle was really photographed by this elder sister, and the final transaction price was 610 yuan. The elder sister is registering and signing.
Elder sister riding a car, good glorious sense of accomplishment.
The bidding continues, with bidders raising their cards one after another.
The bidders raised their cards, and the onlookers were satisfied that they did not participate. Everyone watched the show.
The elder sister was even nervous and excited when she raised the sign.
The handsome boy, who raised the number 6, took the black Siddharth motorcycle at a high price of 640 yuan.
The handsome boy can't hide his inner joy by riding his hard-won car.
To be honest, Xiaobian is also the first time to get close to the auction, and it feels a bit addictive. Many friends also said that the scene was so fun, and I hope there will be more such auctions. The editor is also looking forward to it. I hope that more good things can have this opportunity to share with you in the future.