Waiting for a year to finally wait for this day



The company's annual tour is once a year. After waiting for a year since the end of last year's trip to the ocean kingdom of Zhuhai Changlong, a new round of tour has finally started on August 10, 2018. This time we offer a one-of-three tour. There is a Shunde Changlu Farm suitable for parents and children to play. It will never be boring to take children to Huangtengxia, Qingyuan, which is thrilling and exciting, you can also experience the fun and excitement of the glass bridge; Yangjiang Moon Bay, which has a leisure vacation, is suitable for a family vacation and the best choice for friends who like to watch the sea. You can choose any of the three routes. I believe there are many styles and one is always suitable for you.
The company's annual tour happens to be during the summer vacation, so many parents want to take their children with them. Shunde Changlu Farm has more items suitable for children to play with, so employees with younger children choose this line.
Come into the scenic spot, let's take a picture first. The yellow TBK flag is really eye-catching!
One flower, one grass, one world, that big ship is like the ship in Pirates of the Caribbean. There is wood and wood.
The family hasn't laughed so loudly for a long time, so hi sen
Mommy, uncle is taking pictures of us to see if my POSE is cool or not.
Dad, this water gun is fun. Let's shoot it a little farther together.
Sister, when you shoot that water gun, there are so many bubbles. It's really beautiful.
Mom, I want to play with you
There are so many interactive games in the park.
I also come to gather together a lively, seems to be quite fun
As long as the children feel happy, I'll make do with it. Life is good to be happy.
It's quite fun, take a small video and send it to friends.
Giraffes are eating. Oh, have fun. My mother held me higher. I want to watch it for a while.
I'm a little fireman. I'm going to use this water gun to put out the fire.
Let's take a photo together.
Our POSE must be handsome and cool
A photo of my sister and I, let's have a fairy look.
Having seen the adorable, sweet and sweet taste of Changlu Farm, let's take a look at the painting style of Qingyuan Drifting.
Arriving at the scenic spot, taking a photo first, in a good mood, the sun is just right.
Don't think glass bridge, only glass, and this pavilion, green mountains and clear water.
It is important to walk the glass bridge, but taking pictures is more important.
Don't come to some special POSE, thought the sisters OUT
We have to commemorate it. Let's take the equipment for the glass bridge.
How can the audience understand my inner fear if the play is not done enough?
At the back, please take a picture, thank you!
If you don't take a photo, how can you live up to our beautiful face in this prosperous age?
You walk your glass bridge and we take our beautiful photos.
The glass slide, the surprise of this trip, is so fun, it deserves our cheers.
Another photo before drifting is a must.
Look at the equipment we have prepared for the upcoming water fight. Are your opponents scared?
Drifting is about to begin. Please take one before you go into the water.
After watching the thrilling and fun glass bridge and drifting, do we really want to know about the most luxurious Yangjiang beach tour in the three lines for two days and one night, because living by the sea, children can play with sand and catch shrimps, adults can surf and eat seafood, and the family can take a holiday together on weekends, which is really quite pleasant.
This hotel is amazing. It's called Bali Island. I looked at it fiercely, but I didn't look at it carefully. I thought I went abroad. It turned out that this was not the case.
The sand on this beach is quite clean. Most of the people who come to the beach come from the same family.
Dare not to go deeper, just bubble water in this shoal, also don't live up to this mountain long water far away
I found a shell, look at it
If you don't surf at the seaside, you'll be white.
It's so fun to find out the rules and know how not to be knocked down by the waves. Let me amuse myself.
In the cheerful laughter, 2018 annual tour finally ended successfully. The reason why it was said to be successful is that during the journey, we once again witnessed the organization, discipline, love and enthusiasm of TBK people, and everyone actively cooperated, so the journey went smoothly. While waving goodbye to the 2018 tour, we began to have a new expectation in our hearts, looking forward to a new journey in 2019.