[tool cabinet] tool cabinet features tool cabinet classification



Structural features

工具柜特点 工具柜分类
1, high-strength structural design and special powder surface treatment process, can adapt to the more complex working environment of the factory.
2. The guide rail with high-quality bearings ensures that a single drawer can easily and smoothly open and close when it bears the rated load.
3. The freely adjustable partition in the drawer can make you separate the storage space at will.
4. Full width aluminum alloy drawer handle and replaceable label, beautiful, convenient and practical.
5. Advanced drawer safety buckle design ensures that the drawer will not accidentally slide out after closing.
6. Equipped with safety baffle design to ensure that the drawer will not fall 100% after opening.
7, the use of international advanced level of locks, locks advanced, only a key can lock all the drawers, to ensure the safety of goods.
8. You can freely choose to configure drawers of different heights to fully meet the needs of customers.
9. The bottom of the cabinet is padded to protect the cabinet from damage when it is placed or moved, and it is convenient to use a forklift to carry it.
A variety of surface colors to meet the requirements of the user's overall layout.
11, according to the need to freely choose the configuration of different heights of the drawer, fully meet the needs of the production site.
12. A top frame with an anti-oil rubber pad can be configured to protect the placed items from damage and prevent the items from slipping off.


Classification by place of use

Factory workshop tool cabinet.
School special tool cabinet.
Household tool cabinet.

Classification by load-bearing capacity

Light tool cabinet.
Medium tool cabinet.
Heavy duty tool cabinet.

According to the drawer structure

Single rail drawer, drawers can not all pull out. (Similar to the locker at home, but with more weight)
Double rail drawer, that is, there are fixed rails and moving rails to cooperate with each other, and the drawer can be pulled out completely.
Three-stage rail drawer, (that is, ball guide)
I-shaped guide rail (this is a simple guide rail with small load-bearing capacity and cheap)

By level of workbench

The worktable is used as a reference plane for precision measurement or scribing, so the flatness of the worktable working surface characterizes the main accuracy index of the plate quality.
The flatness of the working surface of the workbench refers to the distance between the two parallel planes that contain the actual surface and the distance is the smallest. The allowable value of the flatness tolerance of the working surface of the worktable is divided into several levels according to its numerical size, which is called the flatness accuracy of the worktable. As for the number of levels that should be divided into, according to what law distribution tolerance values, national flat standards are not the same. Equipped with a drawer safety hook to ensure that the drawer will not slip out accidentally after being closed, and the drawer will not fall after being opened by 100.
China's workbench standard workbench is divided into 6 levels, that is, 000, 00, 1, 2, 3, this accuracy is roughly corresponding to the GB1184-80 provisions of the flatness tolerance of 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 a total of 6 levels.
In view of the fact that there is no commercial sale of grade 000 tablets, the regulations divide the accuracy level of tablets into 5 grades, namely 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3.