Classification of toolboxes



Plastic tool box
The use of high-quality engineering plastics, high-strength impact resistance, generally used to store hardware tools 2 virtual toolbox some of the function of the collection, the collection of various tools into a module, easy to use and management and maintenance. Such as: game toolbox, query toolbox, etc.
Aluminum alloy tool box
It is an aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as alloying elements. Overall, it has good mechanical properties and can be heat treated and welded. It is the most commonly used aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy toolbox is a box made of aluminum alloy material as the skeleton, ABS, density board (MDF), plywood (multilayer board), etc. as the panels, and three-way, mouth strip, handle, lock, etc. as accessories. Because of its reasonable design and structure, meticulous professional workmanship, strong load-bearing capacity, strong, durable, beautiful and generous, etc., it has a wide range of applications in packaging and other industries, mainly for foreign applications, with the rise of various domestic industries, especially the ISO industry requirements, the pursuit of product packaging, transportation process integrity, the application of aluminum alloy box also increased. The main body of the chassis is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of strong structure, beautiful appearance, and good heat dissipation performance. It is widely used in beauty salons, tool combinations, jewelry watches, stage, instruments, meters, electronics, communications, automation, sensors, smart cards, Industrial control, precision machinery and other industries are ideal boxes for high-end instruments and meters.
Car Tool Box
The car toolbox is a tool that assists the owner in dealing with these problems in the event of a malfunction or accident. Generally, it includes emergency hammers, first aid kits, large-capacity fire extinguishers, foldable reflective warning signs, on-board inverters, on-board electric wires, on-board fuses, air pumps, walkie-talkies, waterproof adhesive tapes, insulating adhesive tapes, tire-free repair tools, tow ropes, etc.
Entity Toolbox
A collection of tools, a box for storing various tools with different functions and functions. Such as: medical toolbox, repair toolbox, etc.