Development and Application of Safety Box



In the last two years, the international community has begun to use safety boxes made of engineering plastic materials, which are used on the outer packaging of various types of test instrument boxes. Safety boxes have been widely used in various fields of economic life in the international market, especially in the army, medical rescue, radio and television equipment, public security fire fighting and machinery manufacturing. Since 2008, under the influence of the security work of the Olympic Games, the international security equipment exchange and cooperation has entered a state of all-round and multi-field cooperation, and the international advanced security concepts and equipment have quietly entered the mainland, domestic manufacturers of security equipment and precision equipment began to pay attention to and apply safety boxes. As an upgraded product of simple packaging and transportation equipment such as aluminum alloy boxes, wooden boxes and iron boxes in the past, its reliable waterproof, shockproof, riot and sun protection and other functional and practical features have been widely praised by users. Facing the global environment involved in natural disasters, safety boxes are widely used, the field of domestic security protection seems to have injected a "shot in the arm", precision equipment and equipment are no longer damaged due to disasters and transportation reasons, and equipment movement is also convenient, fast and safe.

As a product with special safety protection, engineering plastic safety box needs a high level of scientific and technological development in mold development and raw material preparation. Therefore, the cost of product development is extremely high. At present, there are few domestic manufacturers that can produce safety boxes. The quality of finished products varies, and only one or two products reach the international advanced level. Imported products such as Pariken and Harding have a major share of the domestic safety box market, its import transportation cost and manufacturing cost also doomed the price of imported safety boxes will not drop. If it is used as a box material for industrial equipment, the price of its industrial finished products will naturally rise, which restricts the cost burden of precision equipment manufacturing enterprises to a certain extent. At the same time, safety boxes are generally used as supporting protective packaging for industrial finished products, not only the appearance and various performance indicators of safety packaging products should be considered, what is more important is to consider the long-term nature of safety protection packaging and the after-sales service of manufacturers, and even the localization rate of the entire finished product. Some companies spend a lot of financial and material resources to develop precision equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and finally match imported packaging. The localization rate is greatly reduced. From the aspects of the stability of packaging products and after-sales service, domestic safety boxes have inherent advantages. The development, production and application of domestic safety boxes are imperative, the gradual replacement of domestic brands or the formation of strong competition with imported brands is also bound to the road.