Protective measures for instruments



Instrument boxes, equipment boxes and equipment boxes are widely used in various industries of the society. Wood and metal materials are often used for box packaging, and aluminum alloy is the most commonly used material. In recent years, foreign advanced packaging modes have been introduced into China. Under the influence and promotion of environmental protection and related policies, foreign countries have begun to attach importance to and promote new plastic packaging materials. Due to the inherent special effects of new plastics, such as shock-proof, moisture-proof, water-proof, pressure, compression, the box made of this material has a super safety protection function.

At present, the internationally widely used safety instrument boxes with super protective functions produced from modified engineering plastics have been widely used in various fields of economic life in the market, especially in the military, medical rescue, radio and television equipment, and public security In the field of high-end instruments and equipment such as fire protection, machinery manufacturing, etc., the use of strong plastic safety instrument boxes can enhance the product protection function and the product's own image has become the consensus of instrument and equipment manufacturers.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of instruments, and the boxes for loading these instruments-instrument boxes also bring great convenience to industrial experiments. So, what are the characteristics of a professional instrument box?

The instrument box is anti-impact, non-deformation and non-fragmentation. The upper cover is equipped with egg pit sponge as standard, and the bottom box is equipped with cut sponge to enhance protection and is easy to use. In the process of transportation, it is not easy to be crushed if it is subjected to external pressure. The box body is made of modified PP alloy injection molding, strong pressure resistance, low temperature resistance -40 ℃, and can be used for a long time in the environment of -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃. It has been widely used in instruments, meters, military police, fire protection, electronics, electric power, communications, aviation, chemical industry, nuclear power, exploration, scientific research, medical treatment, transportation, photography and other fields. It is an ideal professional box for storing valuable instruments and equipment.